“Des Führers neue Wäsche… Der Buttje und Fredis Alp” is a uniquely different novel. Part fact, part fantasy and a sarcastically revealing commentary on leading figures of the darkest era of European history. The book is researched in painstaking detail and its irrefutable facts speak for themselves.

The threads of history finely woven into its chapters provide new, fascinating and shocking insights into a horrific chapter of European history!

This book is a revelation in many respects: the biography of a young boy, Fredi, from 1935 to 1945 and his childhood in Zabelsdorf (now Niebuszeno) close by Stettin (now Szczecin), reflects the experiences of countless witnesses of a period of history ruled by brutality and terror.

At the same time, Fredi was neither surprised nor shocked. The bodies burned to a cinder, corpses melted and shrunk to the size of bizarre dolls, the burning buildings Since the age of five in 1940, Fredi had never known anything else – and soon, every day dawned before sunrise with the glow of the burning city of Stettin.”

The reader is also transported to another dimension; to the cold, still, dark depths of the Baltic to bear witness to the conversation of a Flounder from a prehistoric age and a fisherman lost and drowned at sea. “Mandje! Mandje! Timpe Te! Flounder, flounder, in the sea!…“ As in the ancient fairy tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm, the Flounder believes in the goodness of humanity and attempts to help the fisherman – but, in this tale, he is forced to make a momentous decision...

After endless whiles and moments, the Flounder nudged the drowned man of the sea, “Tey iss like de fisks in te Herrink svorms, evvrry vun for temmselfs. Tey ayt or be ayten temmself.”

True to the title of the novel, the third dimension reveals the truly ridiculous nature of the Führer of “The Absurdian Empire” and his paladins in excerpts fluctuating between mythical storytelling and bizarre narrative!

The author, Frauke Danker, is an expert on the history of Germany in the Second World War. In addition to numerous historical articles, the publication of her debut novel “Betrug war alles, Lug und Schein... Ein deutsches Leben unterm Hakenkreuz und danach.” received critical acclaim from its readers, the media and prominent names from the worlds of historical research and philosophy. The first and second editions of this non-fictional novel were published in German in 2007 and a film is currently in planning.


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