Learning materials for Indonesian schools offering German language education:


The author, Frauke Danker, places 32 new and unused copies of her highly-praised and award-winning historical, documentary novel at the disposal of the Yayasa - Amal - Kasih - Indonesia foundation as learning material for German language and German history in Indonesian schools:


Title: Betrug war alles, Lug und Schein... Ein deutsches Leben unterm Hakenkreuz und danach.


The title is a quotation from Goethe’s world famous novel, Faust Part I “Betrug war alles, Lug und Schein...”

The story is set in the north German state of Schleswig-Holstein and the City of Hanover in the state of Lower Saxony during the National Socialist era. An historical retrospective with outstanding literary qualities.

The key protagonists are the bank official Dr Erich Vanden and his youngest daughter. In the course of the story, the daughter investigates the life of her father, his promising career and its disastrous end in an attempt to discover the extent of his guilt during this dark period of German history, in part with the hindsight and understanding of contemporary adulthood and often through the innocent eyes of a small child who is unable to understand the political and social issues of the time into which it was born...

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